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e911Move was created to give VoIP voice service providers the ability to easily change the e911 Automatic Location Information (ALI) when a VoIP phone is moved or the IP address is changed.

Under the FCC ruling of May 19, 2005, in FCC 05-116, Section 46, Page 27, all VoIP service providers are required to give their customers the ability to change their ALI at will and in a timely manner, and if the customer provided equipment (CPE) can be moved, the provider must supply one or more methods for the customer to accomplish this. Furthermore, one of the options provided must be able to be made utilizing the CPE equipment.

We have automated and streamlined this process and refer to it as the e911Move Process.

To assist our customers in making these changes, we have assembled a highly qualified team of companies that will facilitate our VoIP providers in meeting this FCC nomadic and e911 move requirement as such relates to the 911 ALI.

Our team has in excess of 100 years of combined telecommunications experience and can easily assist you in meeting your e911Move requirements

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