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e911Move has developed a process that gives our customers the ability to provide accurate e911 Address Location Information (ALI) changes for their customers and comply with the FCC mandates. These mandates require that all VoIP service providers give their customers one or more methods of making changes to their ALI information and, if the CPE equipment can be moved, one of the methods of making the change must be from the CPE equipment.

Our process allows the VoIP provider to transfer customers who have changed their location to a live operator center and have the operator take the address change information and verify the address to the MSAG database so that the proper PSAP can be identified and loaded into the system. In addition, the operator takes a confirmation statement from the customer which meets the requirements of the FCC. During the change, the call is recorded for future proof that the customer requested the change, gave the address and affirmed this address change to the operator. This protects you in case of issues in the future.

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In addition to our e911Move program we also provide standard enhanced E911 services, ALI database management, E911 call delivery to the PSAP and accurate geocode assignment to addresses that are not in the MSAG or PSAP database. All of these services are FCC compliant and can assist you in meeting the additional FCC e911 requirement placed on VoIP service providers.

The FCC has mandated that all VoIP service providers make e911 services available to all of their customers. We can assist you in meeting the FCC requirements and meet the FCC e911 ruling requirements and bring you into compliance.

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