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Our Solutions - Do you want to expand your service to another area but can not because of E911 issues? Are you constantly having an issue getting your address to match the rate center info? Are you having issues with address mismatch and loosing sales because of it? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, e911Move is the solution.

911Move enables VoIP local service providers to quickly and efficiently provide FCC mandated E911 Automatic Location Information changes and E911 connectivity to their customers. The e911Move process is straightforward and elegant. e911Move enables VoIP providers to meet the requirements of the FCC mandate as it relates to making changes to the ALI when your customers make CPE equipment location changes. In addition, e911Move can provide efficient and accurate e911 service to your customers.

How our solution differs from others..

  • Most e911 providers utilize a rate center and/or Master Service Address Guide (MSAG) database that contains a large amount of incorrect information. Our solution uses geocode information to identify the correct address verification and is 100% accurate.
  • Because providers rely on the accuracy of the rate center and MSAG data to verify address and location information, a large amount of address mismatches and extra work is required of the provider. Since our solution uses geocode and not rate center information, accuracy is 100% and the burden of extra work by the provider is eliminated.
  • Once verified we know the exact location of each address and thus can be 100% sure that the PSAP selected for that address is the PSAP where the location resides.
  • Because mismatches are eliminated, you are assured that the customer ALI address change is correct. With our total solution, 911 calls will be delivered to the correct PSAP.
  • Our system does not require expensive 911 trunking or a direct connection to the tandem or rate center. We provide connectivity using SIP to SIP transfer using our SIP Gateway.
  • When your soft-switch recognizes an IP change during the configuration process, the caller is prompted to verify if an address change has been made. The caller would then be delivered to our call center operator to take the new ALI address and provide positive verification from the customer.
  • With our total solution, if a 911 call is made, calls are then delivered to the correct PSAP where PSAP personnel use the displayed ANI and ALI to know how to respond (i.e., dispatch the police, fire department, ambulance, etc. to the correct location).

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